Baseload Capital announces that its subsidiary, Baseload Power Japan has officially begun its fourth geothermal power operation.

The operation represents the second phase in the development of Sansui Geothermal Power Plant, in partnership with Furusato Power generation and hot spring inn Sansui.

The two operations combined will produce 700 MWh annually, equivalent to the annual power consumption of roughly 200 households.

Read the full press release on CISION

The UK-based Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Aberdeen recently held their first-ever geothermal seminar titled “An Opportunity to Explore the Role of Geothermal in the Energy Transition…And Beyond!” The seminar focused on the potential of growth of the geothermal industry and the opportunities that it can provide to oil and gas professionals. Quiase Energy correspondent Elizabeth Thomson  has provided us with a release about the seminar that we are republishing in full below.